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Obvi: The Best Offer for Automotive Warranties in CA

Obvi Warranty offers extended automotive warranties or for used car warranty. Providing automotive warranty and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance that is simple, quick and cost significantly less is their goal. Saving your time and money is one of their objectives. They provide straightforward prices and policies. They believe that insurance does not have to be complicated and it all starts with offering one leading policy. Obvi simply offers simplified warranty and GAP insurance. With Obvi, no more guesswork, it is simply easy to understand warranty and GAP having coverage and a term that makes sense. It is also a A rated insurance carrier. They simply make the process quick and provide the best quote for you. They provide online quotes in minutes. Why the policies are less costly? The answer is no more middleman involved, which allows them to provide fair pricing and provide you thousands of savings. Visit for more information.

With Obvi extended automotive warranty, it can take your comprehensive coverage up to 7 years/175,000 km. Qualified vehicles must have 30 days or 1000 kms of remaining full manufacturers warranty. Its comprehensive coverage also includes car rental and travel expense reimbursement, Canada wide and U.S. repair coverage, transfer upon resale or trade via private sale or dealer and easy to understand exclusions. With A rated insurance company you can get the value that you deserve with an insurance company. An ‘A’ rated is generally the one that performs at the top of its industry in creditworthiness and is financially strong. When purchasing a warranty with a multi-year lifespan, the financial stability and ability to pay claims throughout the life of the policy is one of the main consideration when buying for a car warranty. It is simply vital to buy a policy from an ‘A’ rated insurance company. At Obvi, they want you to save money and get value. Get an instant quote in minutes on their website.

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